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Mooloolaba Pressure Cleaning proudly services the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas!

Mooloolaba Deck Cleaning Professionals

Our team of pressure washer specialists are here to help.

Mooloolaba Pressure Cleaning offers a professional timber deck cleaning service to bring your timber deck back to its former glory.

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Our expert team can restore your deck’s beauty with a clean, sealed, oil- and staining job!

You can rest assured that your deck will last many years thanks to the high quality materials and products we use.

Your deck is your main focal point of your home. You can entertain guests or relax on it. Children and pets will love it.

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Pressure Cleaning Your Deck in Mooloolaba Is Important

Decks are a very popular feature on outdoor decks in the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. There are many reasons why this is so.

Improve Your Outdoor Area Appeal

First, a deck can be used as a design tool by architects and engineers to complement the features in a home. It creates a pleasant outdoor environment for homeowners and their families so they can enjoy the sun and warm the Sunshine Coast weather.

They also add value to homes by making it more appealing to buyers. A well-maintained deck of timber can increase the property’s value.

Protect Your Home from the Weather Elements

Decks can be get badly damaged by the weather in Mooloolaba. This can lead to discolouration, toxic mold growth, and staining. Owners must maintain their decks to preserve their appearance and long-term functionality.

The professionals can help you with this! Mooloolaba Pressure Cleaning has the knowledge and equipment to revive your wood flooring and keep them looking their best. To prolong the life of your deck boards, we can clean them and maintain them.

All of our professionals are fully insured. They have the expertise and training to restore wood decks of any size to their former glory. We deliver outstanding service no matter what the job is.

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Our Wooden Deck Cleaning Services in Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba Pressure Cleaning is highly regarded because we have been doing amazing work in the Sunshine Coast for more than ten years.

We have handled thousands of timber deck washing jobs in the Sunshine Coast. Many happy customers have been our clients.

You can find our services in the Sunshine Coast here:

Pressure washer for timber deck

We have the best equipment and professional cleaning methods to clean any type of wood decking. Our team can remove any dirt, stains or mould from your deck, making it look new!

timber deck cleaning pressure cleaning deck pool area
before cleaning timber deck with pressure washer

Timber Restoration & Maintenance

Do you have a deck that is mouldy or stained? We can help. We can remove toxic black spot growth and restore your property’s natural colour and appearance. We can remove decay using safe, eco-friendly products that are safe and effective for your family as well as the environment.

Deck Oiling and Staining

We have extensive knowledge in all aspects deck staining. Each job is unique and our staining services can be tailored to your needs.

Homeowners often believe that decks need to be repainted and sanded. A pressure washer will give your deck a new look and cost only a fraction of what a sander can.

Mooloolaba Pressure Cleaning ensures the highest quality results by using the most advanced equipment and products.

Weathering New Timber Decks

It takes time and commitment to weather a deck. Prices can be very high due to labor costs, raw wood materials, drying time, and much more. Mooloolaba Pressure Cleaning has a wealth experience in weathering wooden verandahs. This saves our customers thousands!

Other Pressure washing services we offer in Mooloolaba and surrounding areas include:

Our services include pressure cleaning concrete playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, polished concrete flooring, and many other areas. Pressure cleaning can be applied to any surface that can hold water.

Give us a call if you’re not sure.

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Our Pressure Cleaning Process in Mooloolaba and Surrounding Areas

Here are some steps to get you a clean deck and house in Mooloolaba and the surrounding area::

1 Inspection of the Area

Each deck is examined individually and we use the most effective methods and equipment to address it. We determine which areas are most in need of treatment. For example, we look at corners and angles that might not be possible with traditional equipment.

We can often provide a initial estimate without visiting the property by using Google Earth.

2 Light and Large Debris Removal

The deck surface is cleaned with professional equipment to remove all dirt and debris. We use professional equipment to clean the deck surface. A high-powered water pressure cleaner is combined with a brush/sweeper to remove dirt and debris gently, but effectively.

3 Timber Deck Cleaning and Contaminants Removal

Next, we wash it with a cleaning agent that does not damage the timber. Next, we scrub the deck’s surface with a bristle brush. Then we use a high-powered water jet to wash it off.

4 Cleaning for Mildew, Mold and Mould Removing

Many times, excessive rainfall in Mooloolaba (and the Sunshine Coast) can lead to the growth of mould and other harmful bacteria.

Any timber with mildew or mustiness will be treated using an eco-friendly natural antifungal treatment. We provide a long-lasting solution to prevent future growth by using oil-based and biodegradable products.

5 Deck Staining

After we have pressure cleaned your verandah, we will apply a water-based stain to condition and protect the timber. You will have a beautifully restored timber deck that is clean, fresh, and ready to use for many years. The stain can be used indoors or outdoors on timber decking.

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Why Choose Mooloolaba Pressure Cleaning for Timber Deck Cleaning in Mooloolaba?


Mooloolaba Pressure Cleaning is a professional pressure cleaner that has been providing services in Mooloolaba and the Sunshine Coast for over ten years. Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to handle even the most difficult jobs. We offer a faster, more reliable, efficient service thanks to our state-ofthe-art equipment.

Best Results

We can restore wood decks to their former glory using high-quality equipment. It’s possible to remove mold and mildew quickly and efficiently by applying pressure cleaning methods that can be adjusted to suit the severity of the mould or mildew buildup.

Competitive Pricing

Mooloolaba Pressure Cleaning is well-known for providing great value for money.

We are a business that understands the importance of price when selecting a pressure cleaning service. As such, we have tried to offer a quality service at a fair price without sacrificing quality.

Many times, pressure cleaning will save you the cost of expensive renovations and painting.

Pressure cleaning is affordable in the end.

Professional Services vs DIY Pressure Cleaning

While we understand the temptation to DIY, it is important to recognize that…

While it’s possible to clean a deck without professional help, it is unlikely that you can deeply clean it from stains and dirt that have built up over several months.

Amateur pressure cleaning, despite the fact that it is easier and more expensive than professional equipment, will likely produce poorer results.

expert pressure washer cleaning wood deck

Eco-Friendly Products

We don’t use any chemicals which could cause harm to your family and the environment. Our products won’t harm your wood decking, or the environment. We can offer effective relief to sufferers of asthma and dermatitis.

Licensed & Insured

We understand that your wood deck is an investment in your home and your property. We strive to make it a great job and keep our customers safe.

To guarantee that you receive excellent results and professional service, only licensed and fully insured professionals are employed by us. We are happy provide documentation to prove our license and insurance.

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Areas We Cover

Mooloolaba Pressure Cleaning is a proud the Sunshine Coast-based company and provides pressure washing services to Mooloolaba and nearby areas, including: